We're addicted to fossil fuels.


Just as the original VW was a very good idea (albeit one by a very bad man indeed), the internal combustion engine and in fact petroleum itself were originally a great ideas, and they saved us from multiple deadly scourges.

But our recent exposure in the "defeat device" scandal has humbled us as a company and we've realized the damage we've caused—not only in particular episodes, but across the history of our company and our industry.

It's high time for reckoning, so that all of us in the fossil fuel-based industries can move from being agents of mass death to being agents of societal transformation.

The start is to stop production of all fossil-fuel engines by 2025 as the Paris Climate Agreement requires. But that's only the start. After that, we will transform transportation. And even that will be only the start.



Until now, we've been in denial.


Until now, we at Volkswagen did whatever we could, including lie and cheat, to continue producing our cars.

We did this even as we knew they were emitting dozens of times the legal limit for toxic gases like NO2.

We did this even as we knew they were otherwise destroying the health of hundreds of thousands of people.

We did this even knowing they were helping destroy the climate and thus our very future.

We refused to accept any responsibility, and until now we didn’t really admit the scope of our problem.

We are committing to overcome this addiction.



Clean diesel

It's an oxymoron, moron

Our marketing department thought it sounded cool. Kind of like "clean coal." Our engineering department tried to make it a reality. But, try as they might, they just couldn't defy the laws of physics. 


Promise breakers

We're why reindeer have asthma

Family. Kids. The future. The environment. Money. We wanted to be good stewards of the planet & global citizens, but we just couldn't. The money was just too good. So we lied, broke promises, and got paid. 


Like really, really, really...NOT

Not Really at all

We thought may be if we said it enough, and added "like" for emphasis, it would like come true. But like it didn't. Bummer. 


Old wives know their shit

The laws of physics are for real

Old wives are doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, mothers and extraordinarily good bullshit detectors.  When we told them about clean diesel, they called us on it immediately and never let up. 

'Fess up! Get to work


Today, we commit to ending our collective dependence on fossil fuels by ceasing the production of internal combustion engines entirely by 2025.

We can do this. We finally  see that its not a technical problem. It’s a behavioural problem, a disease. We’re addicted to non-renewable resources.

We realize we need a 12-step process to overcome this addiction. That’s why we started Emissions Anonymous.

We have started the journey - and it’s working. We have already promised to make three million new electric vehicles annually by 2025.

But that’s not enough. We can’t do it alone. To meet the goals of the Paris Climate agreement we need to have all fossil fuel burning vehicles off the road by 2035. That means the global economy has to go cold turkey on making internal combustion engines a decade in advance. We can do that. But it takes commitment, vigilance, and perseverance. It takes Emissions Anonymous.