At Volkswagen, we’ve started investing more than ever in our electric cars—but that’s not enough.

As with all addictions, quitting takes more than just a declaration. 
That’s why we started Emissions Anonymous. 

Admit that we are powerless over capitalism—that our business has damaged the planet.

Come to believe that only a Power (Nature) greater than us can restore us to environmental protection.

Dedicate our energy to Nature, discontinue producing combustion engines, and put 100% of our research into environmental conservation.

Perform an extensive and fearless inventory of our industry, its exploitation and disregard for the earth, its ecosystem, and its inhabitants.

Admit to Nature, our stockholders, and our customers that we put profit over humankind and the planet.

Step 6

Embrace Nature and expunge the character flaws that enabled us to abuse her.

Humbly ask Nature to forgive us our emissions as we forgive those who emitted with us.

Make a list of all persons we have harmed and to whom we must make amends. This includes reparations for the workers we exploited, the communities we harmed, and the environments we damaged.

Release in full our financial and environmental transgressions.

Welcome unequivocally Nature’s removal of our character flaws.

Implore Nature to heal us of our hydrocarbon habit and our wasteful ways, and help us devote our future to sustainable practices.

List anyone we have harmed and make amends to them, from consumers who believed our lies about ‘clean diesel’ to any person or thing subject to the effects of climate change.